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pro·vokecul·ture (prəˈvōk/ ˈkəlCHər/ )


1.     to celebrate culture without apology.


1.     an intergenerational movement which celebrates cultures that are often marginalized.

2.     a tribe of creative professionals that support and collaborate to enhance each others personal and professional growth.   


"We will be seen. We will be celebrated. We will be proud."


Together. We collectively share knowledge, resources and good energy to make sure we are visible in the art industry. 

Our online shop provides retail space for artists that celebrate culture and identity thru their work. We feature new products every month. All artists receive 75% of all sales and 25% of all profits is donated to organizations that help women and youth dealing with homelessness, violence or are living under difficult circumstances. If you'd like to sell your work on our site please email us at 


Interested in joining?  Want to learn more about us? Collaborate or partner with us?  Email us at:

We donate the the following organizations:

The Center on Halsted
Project Fierce Chicago
Pride Action Tank
Project Fierce New York
The Reciprocity Foundation
Ali Forney Center
Ava's Change4Youth