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Sandra Antongiorgi

Sandra’s Visual Arts career began while living in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood. At the age of 15, she had the rare opportunity to study under illustrious and established muralists and artists. Sandra soon excelled as a visual artist, contributing to scores of murals that have dotted the Chicago cityscape in neighborhoods such as Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Hyde Park, Wicker Park, River West, Bridgeport and South Chicago. Sandra’s work has been showcased in museums and exhibitions throughout the city, including the School of the Art Institute and the National Museum of Mexican Art.  As a studio artist, Sandra Antongiorgi draws upon life experiences, power relationships, culture, boundaries, mysticism and spirituality. She is a champion of children's rights and works to expose the damage caused by family violence, incarceration and systematic marginalization. Sandra's work delves deeply into those struggles normally hidden from view. Her surreal imagery is engaging, powerful and thought provoking.


Sandra's passion for arts & education, combined with her dedication to philanthropy, makes her a frequent contributer to community arts projects. She genuinely enjoys involving community members in the arts, specifically the youth. Sandra has used her experiences to create and implement music and art initiatives rooted in diversity and inclusion. Many of these initiatives have served as models for programs at schools and community centers on a national level. Her continued work with Chicago Public Schools and the "After School Matters Program, where she taught mural painting, drawing, studio painting, visual poetry and found object art creation, are all examples of the level of commitmentand connection Sandra has to her community. Sandra recently collaborated with fellow artist, Sam Kirk on one of Pilsen, Chicago's newest murals; "Weaving Cultures". This mural is unique in that it serves to bridge the gap between divided neighborhoods and honors underrepresented women of diverse cultures.