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Weaving Cultures Print


Weaving Cultures Print

Weaving Cultures Mural SMWB_Sam Kirk_Sandra Antongirogi.jpg
Weaving Cultures Mural SMWB_Sam Kirk_Sandra Antongirogi.jpg
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Weaving Cultures Print

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"Weaving Cultures" Giclee Prints, Signed by Sam Kirk and Sandra Antongiorgi.  These prints orders could take up to 14 days to arrive.  

Available for order only thru December 9th - Limited Edition Prints


"Weaving Cultures” is a mural celebrating underrepresented women of diverse backgrounds, including a transgender Latina. The 15 ft. x 40 ft. mural, was developed to increase awareness and encourage a dialogue around unity and acceptance. Located at the intersection of 16th and Blue Island in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, the mural sits at the border of a predominantly large Latino and African-American community, an area known as an artists’ enclave that is also experiencing gentrification.

Giclee Print on Archival Paper

Signed by Sam Kirk and Sandra Antongiorgi

Since this print is different than most in size, we recommend using Frame It Easy for reasonable, professional framing options.

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